Become a Foster

Got love to spare at home?

Fostering — providing a temporary home to an animal without adopting it — not only saves that senior animal’s life, but allows us the space and resources to go save another dog from:

  • a local shelter
  • a neglectful home
  • an owner who may have passed away
  • many other life circumstances that arise

During the foster process, we actively support you, and we make efforts to find the dog a forever home.

Please consider opening your heart and home. It will have a direct impact on saving more lives. Thank you!

Foster A Senior Animal

If you’re interested in becoming a foster to one of our sweet senior animals, please fill out our foster application:

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Success Stories

Support for our Foster Caregivers

Our foster program is a little different than other rescues because the senior animals we bring into our program are labeled “un-adoptable” in our area shelters due to their older age.

However, these dogs are still more than able to enjoy the a high quality of life. The amount of time they have left may range from weeks to months to years, and we aim to provide the best circumstances possible for these senior animals during their golden years. We accomplish this through:

  • finding loving foster homes (some already have their own dogs; others do not)
  • providing high quality veterinary care
  • providing medication and nutritious food

Through donations, sponsorships, and grants, we are able to provide medical care and preventatives to the senior animals living in our foster homes.

Resources for Current Foster Families