Why We Help Senior Pets

For the Love of Animals

Like many rescues, we simply love animals. And we have a special soft spot in our hearts for older dogs and cats who have been overlooked, forgotten, or abandoned. For various reasons, including moving, senior pets become disposable and end up at local shelters.

Once there, finding them a new home has been very difficult historically, because most people want younger dogs, puppies, or purebred dogs from breeders. According to the American Pet Products Association, 34% of American families still obtain their dogs and cats through breeders; that’s a higher percentage than any other method, such as rescue (23%) or getting a pet from a friend or relative (20%).

Our goal at Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary is to educate the public on why this is an unfortunate trend, and show people why senior animals deserve a second chance.

Aging pets have so much to give

Older dogs and cats make loving, wonderful, loyal companions. We’ve been rescuing and adopting out these animals for more than five years, and the success stories are so powerful. Dogs who were abandoned, or cats tossed out as strays, are incredibly resilient and simply want a place to call home and people to love. These pets are often seen as “completing” a family with their playfulness, quirks, or calming nature.

Rescuing a senior animal also comes with many perks:

  • Older pets tend to be calm, which can reduce the stress often associated with puppies or kittens.
  • Senior dogs and cats are almost always housetrained.
  • Aging dogs and cats generally require less oversight.

Why Do People Give Up Their Pets?

Pet owners may surrender their loving companion for some of the following reasons:

  • Medical expenses
  • Pet is too old
  • Behavior issues
  • Got a new puppy/kitten
  • Owner moving
  • New baby
  • Divorce
  • Owner moving to a care facility
  • Owner passed away

Senior Animals need help in Phoenix and Scottsdale

With so many aging pets ending up homeless, we focus on providing help for dogs who are 7+ years old and cats who are 10+ years old.

  • Maricopa County — home to Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, and Gilbert, Arizona — has one of the highest animal euthanasia rates in the United States.
  • FLPS is 1 of just 2 senior-only animal rescues in Phoenix and the surrounding area.

Help Us Help Them

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