About Jaxon



Jaxon was a beautiful, friendly, energetic shepherd who came to Forever Loved when his former owner was moving to New York City into an apartment.

If ever there was a dog that needed a yard, I think it was Jaxon. He absolutely loved tennis balls. And if you threw one for him, he would be your best friend — for at least an hour! Jaxon wowed FLPS volunteers at the shelter, as well as those fosters who would take him out for the day, with his endless enthusiasm for fetching. Sometimes it would take an hour and a half before he would tucker himself out. It was funny how dedicated and focused he was on endlessly fetching a tennis ball, but it was adorable.


Sadly, Jaxon developed internal tumors. But he was strong and playful until the end. Just a few days before we made the devastating decision to send him over the rainbow bridge, he was with some of our volunteers — fetching, running, fetching. His favorite activity.

He was a great friend, a sweet boy, and we wish we had had more time with him. We hope he’s chasing his tennis balls nonstop in a giant field somewhere. Miss you, Jaxon. You were loved.