Trust me, we’re not in senior animal rescue for the money.

There have been a few questions lately about why we ask for a $150 adoption fee for a dog 7 years or older. So we thought that we would lay it all out there.

Most senior dogs accepted into Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary [FLPS] need one or more of the following vet services:

  • Basic Vaccines = $15 each for 3 + $4520150503_174634
  • Dental [typically with extractions] = $300-$500
  • Bloodwork [includes valley fever, tick fever and heartworm] = $180
  • Spay/Neuter = $75-$125
  • Microchip [we order our own] = $10
  • Tick treatment = $25
  • Maricopa County License = $17


Now those are just basic needs that were not provided by the “owner” of these dogs at the time [or throughout their lives] of their surrender to either us or one of the larger shelters such as Maricopa County Animal Care and Control [MCACC] or the Arizona Humane Society [AHS]. If we do the math, FLPS spends [on the low end] approximately $652 per dog just to get them healthy enough to be adopted into a new FOREVER home.

  • $150 – $652 = -$502 [that’s a $502 loss per dog]


We won’t tell you that every dog needs all of those services because luckily MCACC and AHS will vaccinate most of the dogs and spay/neuter them.  So if we recalculate without vaccines or spay/neuter or their MC License that is:

  • $150 – $560 = -$410 [only a $410 loss per dog]


And let’s be honest not every dog needs a dental. [But most do AND they require extractions.]:

  • $150 – $260 = -$110 [only a $110 loss per dog]


Not too bad right? Unfortunately we typically land between the $502 and $410 loss. But we are happy to do it and give these dogs a second chance at a forever home. That’s what we do.

We also spend $2,300 on Ruby2 [for example] when she needs to be rushed to an emergency vet on a Saturday night because she has a fever of 106.1 due to an abscess on a mammary mass. She previously had a mammary mass and another small mass on her left rear leg removed in October of last year while she was spayed at 11 years old. Heart breaking to have an 11 year old dog that was never spayed. You see, we rescued Ruby2 and her sister Suzy from MCACC after they were owner surrendered and it appears that they were not provided basic medical care from their previous owner [aka not spayed, vaccinated, etc]. Per the ASPCA “Spaying helps prevent uterine infections and breast tumors, which are malignant or cancerous in about 50 percent of dogs and 90 percent of cats.” P.S. They were also both on the euthanasia list at MCACC. If we had not stepped in, Ruby2 and Suzy would not be alive today.

If we do the math on Ruby2 alone:Stop-Spending-Money


  • $360 for basic care
  • $462 for spay and mass removal
  • $2,300 emergency vet care
  • = $3,122 total



And if we adopt her out at $150 minus the vet costs that we have incurred at $3,122 that leaves us with $2,972 loss in funds, but a plus because she would have a new home. Boo, but wahoo!


And another P.S. Ruby2 has a sensitive stomach so she is on a prescription food that is not cheap, otherwise she has massive diarrhea.


When we accept a new dog into Forever Loved, our role as their “owners” now is to advocate for their well-being and be sure they would have it going forward. Our focus is always on the well-being of the dog’s happiness and their health.


We’re not asking for kudos and praise for doing what we do. Nope.


We just want to make it clear that “we’re not in senior animal rescue for the money” or “the almighty dollar” as a few may think.


Thanks for listening and thanks for your support.

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