The Excitement of Adopting

As of a few weeks ago, I find myself in the position of going from having three dogs to one. Thank you very much various canine cancers. Lung, liver, and pancreatic. <snif snif>

Now what?

Do I get another dog? Is my one dog [Leo] now lonely? He was a bit of a scaredy cat because of his unknown abuse before he came into our lives that caused him to lose an eye. Sheww. Maybe he’ll like being an only dog? But we do work or are out of the home for a few hours at a time.

Ok. Yes. I want another dog. Leo needs a companion. But wait…I have a 4 month old baby. Is now the right time? If so, do I get a puppy because I want them to grow up together? [Kill me now.] How about one of the Forever Loved dogs. My 5 year old wants a puppy. [Yikes.] Ok. Maybe one that has been house trained already. Maybe a girl since I have a boy already. Maybe they could be dog door trained already. Maybe one that isn’t brandy new. Maybe 8…9 months old. Ok. Sheww.

So much goes into the process of adopting a new furry family member.

We TOTALLY get it.

We also know that adopting an older dog takes a special person to make the commitment to know that…well…animals don’t forever. Crap. As much as I know lots of you want that and so do we. But wow! It’s amazing the comments we hear from those who have adopted from us.

He’s so mellow.”
“I don’t have to worry about her chewing my shoes.”
“I love that they just snuggle on the sofa with us.”
“She integrated into our house like she had always lived there.”

“I love it when she dances around when I come home.”

Thank you to all of our adopters past, present and future.

Skippy and Beau Going Home 10.20.13 adopted Diego_7.2015 Odie_Adopted 12.1.2015Adopted jake 2016 Adopted Mila

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