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Decisions, Decisions, Not Made Lightly

May 9th, 2016Posted by Luisa

Today I find myself gathering information and lots of it. Xray reports. Cancer? Maybe. Pathology. Cancer? Maybe. Need. More. Information. This is what I’m currently dealing with for one of my own personal dogs that’s a senior. My 12 year old Sadie. She’s an amazing scruffy terrier of some sort that was a faithful companion […]

Time to Stop and Smell the Roses…

April 18th, 2016Posted by Luisa

When you’re in the trenches on a daily basis you have good and bad days and it’s tough to know if you’re making a difference. Especially when it comes to senior pets. And to be honest we don’t “check our intake versus adopted numbers” on a regular basis because we are not a high turnover […]

Overwhelmed With Owner Surrenders

March 13th, 2016Posted by Luisa

On a daily basis we are contacted via email, Facebook messenger, and etc. to take in senior animals who have become homeless because their senior owners have unfortunately passed…leaving the animals without an owner. How sad for all involved. The dog…..the cat…the family grieving the loss of the loved one. And the list goes on. […]

canines + cocktails – celebrating forever loved pet sanctuary 2015

October 9th, 2015Posted by Luisa

  On November 14th, 2015 we will be hosting our third annual fundraising Gala, “Canines + Cocktails.” This event will serve as a fundraiser to benefit the senior animals in our care. The evening will include a buffet dinner and drinks at a locally owned business, Modern Grove and a silent auction. Founded in 2012, […]

Pampered Chef Party

July 24th, 2015Posted by Luisa