Koda was a sweet 10 year old AKC reg. lemon and white beagle whose owner lost her battle with cancer. A co-worker took him in and became overwhelmed with 5 dogs so October 18, 2013 we took Koda into our Sanctuary.

Along with Koda came medications for a diagnosis of Cushings Diesase. Koda-man hadn’t had an easy life with this disease, but he had spunk with a healthy appetite and a beagle howl when he wanted to be fed.  Koda enjoyed daily walks and did well on a leash.  Shortly after taking Koda in, we discovered he also had an enlarged heart.  We knew it would decrease is lifespan, but were not sure to what degree.

January 12, 2014 Koda-man made his way over the rainbow bridge to be with his doggie mom who passed away last year. His enlarged heart just couldn’t do it anymore and he needed a little help that morning to be pain free.

It will be a little quieter in the sanctuary building without his beagle bay [annoying the other dogs] and I’ll miss seeing his little face waiting in the background for the bigger dogs to get love before he barks and demands his turn…and how he always made sure to remind me that it was dinner time if I got busy cleaning or emailing. How I wished we could have found him a home to live out these last few months, but I know he felt he WAS in a home with all of his doggie friends, especially Duchess is protector.

Run free little man and find your momma up there in heaven. I’m sure she was waiting with open arms…..we love you Koda!


Forever In Our Hearts

In a senior animal rescue, the loss of one our “rescues” is inevitable.  It’s part of the job some would say. But it is not an easy part to face. Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary was created out of love for those senior pets that have fallen victim to our disposable society.

Please join us in remembering those who lived life to the fullest at our sanctuary or in forever foster homes.

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