In Awe of Our Fosters

The holidays are upon us and we typically see an increase in the number of owner surrender requests. sigh

So we trustingly have owners fill out owner surrender forms and listen to their stories of how they have loved their dog ever since they adopted him or her at 10 weeks old, that they couldn’t imagine life without him or her, but they’re just too busy. double sigh

I promise I have a happy point to this. Keep reading.

Ok. We get it [but not really] so we’ll take your “loved” dog to a foster home where we quickly learn that the real reason you are surrendering him or her is that they really can’t hold their bowels in anymore or they won’t eat, or they need help to get up just so they can make it outside to do their business or that they have already had a cancer diagnosis [but you didn’t provide that info to us so we have to start over with x-rays and ultrasounds which are expensive for a small rescue.] But I digress.

Here comes the happy part!

Luckily for us, we have an amazing team of foster in the trenches dealing with these issues [and poop and pee.] Don’t get me wrong. The dogs and cats we take in are not all falling apart, not in the least. We have many that are happy and bouncy and cuddly and are so happy to find a forever home…and they do. [over 100+ in 3 years!]

But there are hard cases that require some extra TLC, a little extra care and some extra time and heavy lifting [literally.] So thank you! THANK YOU to all of our fosters who love and treasure the time they have with the forgiving senior animals that they bring into their homes and hearts. We could NOT do it without these caring and selfless people.


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