We rescued Harvey February 19, 2014 from MCACC West off of the euthanasia list. He was a 12 year old stray [eh…hem….really?] german shepard mix at 56 lbs. He was very depressed in the kennel….very…and a little stinky so he went straight for a bath.

We already knew that he has some arthritis in his front elbows from compensation of the arthritis in his back hips. Boo. But the kicker was that he most likely had cancer. Double boo. Together…we and our vet believed that he was not quite ready for the rainbow bridge and deserved some snuggling …pets …brushing…and most of all [on top of pain meds] love and affection for a bit. Luckily we had a hospice foster home step up and we are grateful and we’ll take it week by week to see how it goes.

I have to tell you that this one broke my heart in the kennel at MCACC. The look in his eyes showed nothing more than a sweet soul that had given up…truly had just given up. I shed a few tears throughout the last day or two wondering how someone could just dump this poor old man to die in a shelter and deserved to be shown some dignity in his last days.

March 17, 2014 our dear sweet Harvey has gone.

He was not alone. Dayle [our rockstar volunteer] and I help him on his way. Teresa and her daughter fostered Harvey for a bit and stopped to say goodbye as well.

We all shared our thoughts of Harvey as a “younger man” and agreed he was quite handsome and an alpha who protected those he loved and snuggled with them when the day was done. I selfishly wish I had more time with him. He loved his time outside and would come to me to bury his head in my lap for petting and love. I just felt such a strong presence around him. Silly I know. I will miss him dearly and know we did our best to give him a quality life before he left us.

My goal is not to make you cry, but know that we are fulfilled in our mission of saving old forgotten dogs from an end at a county shelter. Rest in Peace sweet, sweet Harvey.


Forever In Our Hearts

In a senior animal rescue, the loss of one our “rescues” is inevitable.  It’s part of the job some would say. But it is not an easy part to face. Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary was created out of love for those senior pets that have fallen victim to our disposable society.

Please join us in remembering those who lived life to the fullest at our sanctuary or in forever foster homes.


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