Decisions, Decisions, Not Made Lightly

Today I find myself gathering information and lots of it.

Xray reports. Cancer? Maybe. Pathology. Cancer? Maybe.


This is what I’m currently dealing with for one of my own personal dogs that’s a senior. My 12 year old Sadie. She’s an amazing scruffy terrier of some sort that was a faithful companion to my Porter who crossed the bridge just 15 weeks ago after multiple tumors were found in his liver and internal bleeding had started. [insert crying here.]








Back to Sadie.

What I know now is that she has two masses. One in her chest and one on her spleen. It’s not know for sure if they’re cancer but they probably are. We’ll have a needle biopsy done on the masses, but I feel like I already know the answer. [insert more crying here.] But I have to know for sure. For sure. Is it wrong? I don’t think so. We probably won’t do surgery. She’s approximately 84 years old in human years. Yikes. Would I do heroic life saving surgery on an 84 year old relative? I don’t know. Would you?

Playing god is the hardest part of rescuing senior dogs and cats, but I wanted all of our followers, our volunteers, our donors and more to know that these decisions are never easy. Some animal owners will spend every last penny to save their loyal companion even at the detriment to the animal. The suffering they may endure from recovering from surgery. We at Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary have to be practical but not callous. We always gather the information to know what we’re dealing with and what will the quality of life be for that dog or cat once surgery is done. A few more months or a few more years?

The scenarios we play in our heads are endless. What’s that phrase? Coulda. Woulda. Shoulda.

In closing, I don’t mean for this be a super sad post. It’s what I’m dealing with in my head and I had to share. My heart breaks as I analyze the data about my Sadie. My Sadie-bug. My Bug. Is she enjoying life right now? Is she my same old Sadie? Is she in pain? Is she uncomfortable?

Our animals look to us to make decisions for them. It’s never easy. But NEVER taken lightly. This we promise to all animals that enter Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary [and Sadie.]




executive director and pet owner


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