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March 22nd, 2014Posted by Luisa

HARVEY We rescued Harvey February 19, 2014 from MCACC West off of the euthanasia list. He was a 12 year old stray [eh…hem….really?] german shepard mix at 56 lbs. He was very depressed in the kennel….very…and a little stinky so he went straight for a bath. We already knew that he has some arthritis in […]


March 22nd, 2014Posted by Luisa

KODA Koda was a sweet 10 year old AKC reg. lemon and white beagle whose owner lost her battle with cancer. A co-worker took him in and became overwhelmed with 5 dogs so October 18, 2013 we took Koda into our Sanctuary. Along with Koda came medications for a diagnosis of Cushings Diesase. Koda-man hadn’t […]