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Adopting Pepper

December 19th, 2016Posted by Luisa

So I’m finally at the point that a decision needs to be made. Do we adopt Pepper officially? Or let her go to a new home? For those that don’t know [and many of you don’t because it’s not as if I announced it] my family decided to foster Pepper after we lost two of […]

In Awe of Our Fosters

December 5th, 2016Posted by Luisa

The holidays are upon us and we typically see an increase in the number of owner surrender requests. sigh So we trustingly have owners fill out owner surrender forms and listen to their stories of how they have loved their dog ever since they adopted him or her at 10 weeks old, that they couldn’t […]

Decisions, Decisions, Not Made Lightly

May 9th, 2016Posted by Luisa

Today I find myself gathering information and lots of it. Xray reports. Cancer? Maybe. Pathology. Cancer? Maybe. Need. More. Information. This is what I’m currently dealing with for one of my own personal dogs that’s a senior. My 12 year old Sadie. She’s an amazing scruffy terrier of some sort that was a faithful companion […]

Overwhelmed With Owner Surrenders

March 13th, 2016Posted by Luisa

On a daily basis we are contacted via email, Facebook messenger, and etc. to take in senior animals who have become homeless because their senior owners have unfortunately passed…leaving the animals without an owner. How sad for all involved. The dog…..the cat…the family grieving the loss of the loved one. And the list goes on. […]

What my dogs taught me. Today.

December 28th, 2013Posted by Luisa

Our house is a busy one. We have 3 dogs of our own, 2 cats, a 3 year old daughter, and…oh…my husband. We also have a senior animal sanctuary on our property with 7 dogs currently residing inside. Yesterday I took one of the 7 seniors to the vet to be spayed and have what […]