Adopting Pepper

So I’m finally at the point that a decision needs to be made.

Do we adopt Pepper officially? Or let her go to a new home?

For those that don’t know [and many of you don’t because it’s not as if I announced it] my family decided to foster Pepper after we lost two of our loyal companions this year to canine cancer.  Ms. Pepper is an amazing dog and met all of our requirements for a new dog that could enter our home:

  • Good with other dogs…CHECK!
  • Good with cats…CHECK!
  • Good with men and women…CHECK!
  • Good with children…CHECK!
  • House trained…CHECK!
  • Walks well on a leash…CHECK! [with the help of a gentle leader.


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And so she became a “temporary” part of our family. Surely someone would see what we see? Pepper is a perfect, mellow all around great dog. But she’s a pit bull mix.


And there in lies the reason she has waited for a forever home for a year and 8 months. Pepper is a pit bull/pointer mix aka a great dog. [Oh and did I mention that she came to Maricopa County Animal Care and Control as a stray dog with a chihuahua for a companion? huh.] We have no other explanation for why she has waited so long. Unfortunately while she’s waited, her legs have begun to show her age and the damage done by possibly not having some old injuries taken care of when she was younger. Pepper walks like John Wayne and because of a past bout with vestibulitis can occasionally become off balance and fall while out for a walk on uneven ground. The bigger they are, yes, the harder they fall. Oh and there’s the part where if she waits too long to head out the dog door to poop. Yes. Much to my husbands displeasure. Pepper leaves a little trail of turds behind her just seconds before making it out the dog door. Hey! At least it’s usually in the laundry room and easy to pick up.

So now we finally receive an inquiry for our sweet Pepper. Wahoo!  But I worry that bouncing her to yet another home after being at our sanctuary and then three foster homes [not her fault] will be more stressful then just settling in [as if she hasn’t already] with us.

Decision made!

Pepper will become a Chocron!

Think they’ll give me a discount on the adoption donation?


Welcome home for good Pepper, Pepperoni, sweet Pep!





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