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Trust me, we’re not in senior animal rescue for the money.

April 11th, 2017Posted by Luisa

There have been a few questions lately about why we ask for a $150 adoption fee for a dog 7 years or older. So we thought that we would lay it all out there. Most senior dogs accepted into Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary [FLPS] need one or more of the following vet services: Basic Vaccines […]

Adopting Pepper

December 19th, 2016Posted by Luisa

So I’m finally at the point that a decision needs to be made. Do we adopt Pepper officially? Or let her go to a new home? For those that don’t know [and many of you don’t because it’s not as if I announced it] my family decided to foster Pepper after we lost two of […]

In Awe of Our Fosters

December 5th, 2016Posted by Luisa

The holidays are upon us and we typically see an increase in the number of owner surrender requests. sigh So we trustingly have owners fill out owner surrender forms and listen to their stories of how they have loved their dog ever since they adopted him or her at 10 weeks old, that they couldn’t […]

4th annual canines + cocktails: celebrating seniors + forever loved pet sanctuary

October 9th, 2016Posted by Luisa

On November 12th, 2016 Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary will host our 4th annual: canines + cocktails at Modern Grove in Scottsdale, Arizona. The funds raised at this event will benefit the senior animals in our care. This will be our second year hosting the event at Modern Grove where you can expect an evening of […]

The Excitement of Adopting

June 7th, 2016Posted by Luisa

As of a few weeks ago, I find myself in the position of going from having three dogs to one. Thank you very much various canine cancers. Lung, liver, and pancreatic. <snif snif> Now what? Do I get another dog? Is my one dog [Leo] now lonely? He was a bit of a scaredy cat […]